CSI vs. Reality

CSI may look cool on TV with dim, blue lights and action packed scenes, but this TV series is not the kind of work that happens in real life. What you see on CSI is not very realistic and crime scenes take much longer to solve than on TV.  On CSI, the labs are always dark and dim to give a cool effect, but in reality, you need a lot of light to be able to analyse and find evidence. Forensic scientists always need to work under bright light to get out the most information. You will often see on CSI that they jump to conclusions for hair samples and say that there are matches just by looking at the sample. You can’t tell between two hair strands and say that they are exactly the same, so you need to run a thorough DNA test to find the culprit. Finally the language used in CSI is not scientifically valid, as they tend to use the word ‘match’ regularly, whilst in real life you would say ‘similar to’ or ‘might be’ for fingerprints and hair.

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