100 wc Week 14

Professor David Atombiser walked into the dreary cavern and noticed jagged claw marks along the wall. “It’s very dark in here isn’t it”? He muttered to himself. “Look at those marks”, David said as he carefully inspected the scratches embedded in the wall. “Marvelous, absolutely marvelous!” he screeched in excitement. “But what is living here?” Professor David Atombiser questioned. There it was – the hulking form of the shrieking bear appeared in the dim light. “Truly extraordinary!” David exclaimed. It screeched and lurched towards him and with one swing of its mighty claws, Atombiser fell to the ground. Then the noise stopped, and the creature disappeared.

Snapshot in time

The loud music boomed inside my head and everything else became muffled. The disco had begun. I watched as eager classmates poured into the room like a rapid river, racing to get in first. Everyone was dancing to their hearts content, doing the worm, starting human trains and jumping up in the air. I heard the enjoyment and laughter buzzing around the stuffy room, which relieved me of my worries. I took a quick breath outside and came in to smell the mucky odour of sweat and barely kept my dinner from coming out. I came back in and joined in the fun dancing with my friends all night long, until bedtime.