Asia project reflection

I researched the country Malaysia. I worked very effectively and used my time wisely. I was fascinated by the many facts about this country.

I felt very confident in both my presentation and in the efforts I put into this project. I had a lot of information that was both very detailed and clear to understand. I covered a wide variety of topics to make my project both fascinating and enjoyable. I finished all of my cue cards and the presentation itself by the due date. When I was presenting my information I spoke at a medium pace and was clear throughout.

Some of the facts that I learned whilst researching this country were that Malaysia was part of the ancient spice route and has absorbed many exotic flavors into its cuisine. Another fact that I learned was that the indigenous Malaysians celebrate a traditional harvest festival known as Gawai. I also learned that Malaysia’s tropical forest is being heavily logged for palm oil, and people have estimated that if the forests continue to be cut down at the same rate as they are now the will be extinct by 2020!

An understanding that I gained from this project was the history of Malaysia and that while it is an independent country now, Malaysia was colonized and ruled by the Portuguese and then the English, and the influences of these countries are still very strong.

Finally, this project made me wonder how many species of animals have not yet been discovered in the Malaysian rainforest.


Asia Presentation Facts

Afrah  Sri Lanka
  • Capital City: Colombo
  • Located in the Indian Ocean
  • Famous for tea plantations
Alex  North Korea
  • Capital City: Pyong Yang
  • Flag represents: Friendship, Purity and Culture
  • Famous for Taekwondo
Bailey  Taiwan
  • Capital City: Taipei
  • A natural feature is the Moonlake
  • Endangered plant: Taiwanese Blue Magpie
Ben  Myanmar
  • Capital City: Napier Dal
  • Previously called Burma
  • Official language: Burmese
Bryn  Pakistan
  • A main city is Kirachi
  • Main religion: Muslim
  • Main festival is Ramadan
Chloe  Hong Kong
  • Is part of China
  • Has a large Disneyland
  • Used to bind women’s feet
Devlin  South Korea
  • Capital City: Seoul
  • The flag symbolizes balance and harmony
  • Population: 50 million
Eamon  Laos
  • Capital City: Vientiane
  • Population: 6.5 million
  • Landlocked

Ece  Thailand
  • Capital City: Bankok
  • Population: 66 million
  • In South-east Asia
Eden  Bali
  • Is part of Indonesia
  • Worship ‘Ganesh’ – an elephant god
  • Main religion: Hindu
Eleanor  India
  • Capital City: New Delhi
  • Currency: The Rupee
  • National plant is the Lotus flower
Ella  Papua New Guinea
  • Capital City: Port Moresby
  • Official language: English
  • Population: 5 920 000
Imran  Bangladesh
  • Capital City: Dhaka
  • In Southern Asia
  • Located next to India 
Isabel  Indonesia
  • Capital City: Jakarta
  • In South-east Asia
  • Population: 242 million
Jack  Brunei
  • Capital City: Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Population: 374 000
  • Main tourist attraction: Maura Tower
Julian  Malaysia
  • Capital City: Kuala Lumpar
  • Heavy deforestation for palm oil
  • Colonized by the Portuguese and English
Lily  Singapore
  • Capital City: Singapore
  • Population: 5.3 million
  • First Prime Minister: Lee Kuan Yew
Maddy  Vietnam
  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Population: 90 million
  • Currency: The Dong
Matthias  Japan
  • Capital City: Tokyo
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Main landmark: Mt Fujiyama
Ore  Phillipines
  • Capital City is Manila
  • Frequent natural disasters eg. tsunami
  • Currency: The Peso
Shakira  Cambodia
  • Capital City: Phnom Penh
  • In South-east Asia
  • Rainy season from May to September
Theo  Russia
  • Capital city: Moscow
  • Northern part of Asia
  • Slavic Language
Thomas  Mongolia
  • Capital City: Ulan Bator
  • Famous Ruler: Ghengis Khan
  • Famous for Dinosaur fossils
Tommy  East Timor
  • Capital City is Dili
  • Official language : Portuguese
  • Located at the bottom of Indonesia
Zoe China
  • Largest country in Asia
  • Most populace country in the world
  • Over 200 languages and dialects spoken