100 wc Week 14

Professor David Atombiser walked into the dreary cavern and noticed jagged claw marks along the wall. “It’s very dark in here isn’t it”? He muttered to himself. “Look at those marks”, David said as he carefully inspected the scratches embedded in the wall. “Marvelous, absolutely marvelous!” he screeched in excitement. “But what is living here?” Professor David Atombiser questioned. There it was – the hulking form of the shrieking bear appeared in the dim light. “Truly extraordinary!” David exclaimed. It screeched and lurched towards him and with one swing of its mighty claws, Atombiser fell to the ground. Then the noise stopped, and the creature disappeared.

Snapshot in time

The loud music boomed inside my head and everything else became muffled. The disco had begun. I watched as eager classmates poured into the room like a rapid river, racing to get in first. Everyone was dancing to their hearts content, doing the worm, starting human trains and jumping up in the air. I heard the enjoyment and laughter buzzing around the stuffy room, which relieved me of my worries. I took a quick breath outside and came in to smell the mucky odour of sweat and barely kept my dinner from coming out. I came back in and joined in the fun dancing with my friends all night long, until bedtime.

100 Word Challenge Week 12

The hurricane had torn up everything from the ground. Huts were demolished, palm trees were ripped out of the soil and hundreds of lives were lost. Khan Sibali had survived this natural disaster, now salvaging from the wreckages and searching for his lost family. His fishing village was flattened in an instant and only a handful had made it out alive. Khan sifted through the endless piles of debris, and from the corner of his eye he could see something glistening in the sunlight.  He ran over to the shining object and found a glass bottle with a scroll inside it. It was his bottle of hope.

100 wc

I remember my great grandmother. She lived around the corner from me until she died when I was 8 years old. I can vaguely remember her short and round stature that resembled a matrushka doll and her accent – like a medieval vampire! She was Russian. I remember that she told me that when she was seventeen years old the Nazis invaded her country. She was taken and sent to prison camp in Germany and she never saw her family or friends ever again. I can’t even imagine what awful things would have happened. Then I remember how lucky I am.

100 Word Challenge Week 10

The rain had finally stopped and the countryside was speckled with large puddles, some more like small ponds. As I approached the largest, I could see its still, glassy surface perfectly reflecting the branches above. But as I drew closer I could see that the calm surface encased a tangled mess of forest debris that looked almost petrified; a reminder of the storms that had preceded just a few days before. Suddenly my peaceful thoughts were torn apart by a wave of panic. On the far side of the pond I could see a pair of protruding legs, rigid and perfectly upright.

Week 9

A violent storm was brewing deep inside the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Streaks of lightning cracked like whips and goliath 30-foot waves crashed into the ocean’s depths. Dropping from the dark, black sky was rain that pelted into the sea below like a hail of bullets. In amongst this chaos, one ship braved the elements. The cruelest and most ruthless pirate of all commandeered the vessel. His name was Captain Charles Bellamy. Crewmembers scrambled on deck as they tried hopelessly to save the ship but their reign of terror was finally about to end as they entered the eye of the storm.

CSI vs. Reality

CSI may look cool on TV with dim, blue lights and action packed scenes, but this TV series is not the kind of work that happens in real life. What you see on CSI is not very realistic and crime scenes take much longer to solve than on TV.  On CSI, the labs are always dark and dim to give a cool effect, but in reality, you need a lot of light to be able to analyse and find evidence. Forensic scientists always need to work under bright light to get out the most information. You will often see on CSI that they jump to conclusions for hair samples and say that there are matches just by looking at the sample. You can’t tell between two hair strands and say that they are exactly the same, so you need to run a thorough DNA test to find the culprit. Finally the language used in CSI is not scientifically valid, as they tend to use the word ‘match’ regularly, whilst in real life you would say ‘similar to’ or ‘might be’ for fingerprints and hair.

100 Word Challenge Week 8


Sly slithered up onto the rickety porch, admiring his construction, even if it was a complete wreck. He wondered about the owner, who in their right mind would order such a ghastly house? ‘Swishhhh’, a dark silhouette stepped out of Sly’s shadow. “How spectacular. A perfect job not a gargoyle out of place,” exclaimed the shadow. Sly whipped around. Standing in front of him was a devilishly ugly creature – wiry black hairs sparsely covering sickly white skin; spindly long spider-like fingers; and massive, bulbous eyes with huge dark pupils and a stare that seemed to pierce straight through him.

100 Word Challenge Week 7


Slowly the sky got darker. The moon moved to block out the Sun. I only had a few moments before the eclipse would be over, a few moments before I was cursed for eternity. This was meant to be a holiday – Mexico and Brazil. How could a simple one – day tour to Teotihuacan (Temple of the Sun and the Moon) end as horribly as this? The magnificent statue had caught my eye immediately. An intricately carved obsidian panther that came with a tale of an ancient curse…I wasn’t really listening to the guide…but now I know why the sign said ‘Do Not Touch’!

100 word challenge week 6


The wind rushed through my hair as I clung on for dear life. As I carefully planted my callused foot inside a narrow crevice, my blisters rubbed against the jagged wall of rock, which made them burst. My palms ached and I screamed loudly. Looking down, I was surprised to see that dark clouds had formed below me and I could no longer see the ground. Jack called down to me, “We’ve almost made it to the top.” Suddenly everything began to shake. I could smell a foul smell in the air. The sleeping volcano had woken.