100 wc week30

“Do well I know you will make it” Cinna carefully whispered in my ear. Then with one final hug and a gentle kiss to my forehead Cinna stepped back and the guards dragged me to the cylinder shaped elevator across the room. The doors receded and I was shoved into the elevator. In an instant the elevator shot up like a bullet, up I went looking at the dirt and soil surrounding me as I shot through the dense ground. I have now surfaced, the bright sun made my eyes squint but I kept focus and braced myself. Five, four, three, two, one, happy hunger games.

Gala Sports Day

‘Hurry set it’ screamed Josh! My head filled up with adrenaline, I could only focus on one thing to smash the volleyball over the net. Muffled screams of my teammates went through to my ears I couldn’t let them down. It was 24 to both teams there was one chance to win the match. Almost instantly the volleyball came rushing down from the sky it looked like a firerey comet. The pressure was high but I tried my hardest. My hands reached out and I smashed the comet back to the other side, it was a perfect set, I was very relieved but I couldn’t let my guard down because the other team could have sent the volleyball half way back to our side already. I glanced over to the other team. The volleyball was falling to the ground, the opposition desperately scrambled to hit it over the net but it was already too late. The volleyball bounced off the ground sending puffs of dirt into my eyes. The dirt stung like bees but I was too speechless to say a word. I was overwhelmed but I was glad that I ended the day on a high note.

Classroom Considerations

  1. 5/6 A will always collaborate and work together in class.
  2. 5/6 A should always come ready with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the rest of the day.
  3. We will always have an optimistic outlook about our learning.
  4. 5/6 A are expected to always let everyone have a say and respect other’s property.
  5. In 5/6 A we encourage everyone to be safe and responsible in the classroom.
  6. In 5/6 A we encourage everyone to persist in their work.



During the school holidays I discovered something great at the Melbourne Museum – Ancient Mesopotamia!

Ancient Mesopotamia is regarded as the first great civilization. It had complex, planned cities and irrigation and was built around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in what is now modern day Iraq.  This civilization was founded before Ancient Egypt and flourished from 3500BC to 500BC. The exhibition was divided into 3 sections, Sumer, Assyria and Babylon. Each of these city-states was dominant at a different time but they all shared the same culture and beliefs that we call Mesopotamian.


The first part of the exhibit was all about Sumer. This was the first city in the Mesopotamian civilization and was complex and well planned. There was also a sophisticated irrigation system that was developed to water all of their crops. The First proper written language (not symbols) called cuneiform writing was also created here. Cuneiform writing looks like a series of different positioned wedge shapes on a clay tablet.


The kings of Assyria built elaborate palaces decorated with Stone wall reliefs which told of the king’s military exploits. The king was also head of the religion and built temples to please their gods. The Assyrian kings also expanded their kingdom and took over surrounding regions.


Babylon was a great cultural and religious centre and was seen as the greatest city in the world at the time. It was a thriving centre of learning especially in the areas of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. The name Babylon means gates of the gods describing the magnificent gates and walls that surrounded the city.


My favourite exhibits were:

  1. The stone cylinder seals used by officials to seal and label containers for trade.
  2. The intricate jewellery made of gold, lapis lazuli (a bright blue stone) and Carnelian (a red stone).
  3. Mushhushshu, a mythical dragon with a serpents head, lions body, eagles talons and a horn like a unicorn. This was the sacred animal of Babylon’s supreme god Marduk and was believed to drive away evil spirits or enemies. Statues and pictures of Mushhushshu are found throughout Babylon including on it’s magnificent gates.


So how is the Ancient Mesopotamian Civilization directly linked to ours? Firstly, Mesopotamian cities were planned cities and highly structured and they provided the basis for all city structures that came afterwards. Secondly, the Mesopotamians studied astronomy and recognized the12 zodiac constellations that we still use. Finally, the Mesopotamians developed a mathematical system based on sixty which is why we have 60 minutes in an hour and 60 seconds in a minute.

Sadly, since the American invasion of Iraq many sites have been destroyed. The allied forces have not respected the culture and many precious artifacts have been stolen from the national museums and sold for profit on the black market. This is a great loss for future generations that can never be restored.


by Julian Lekakis


This is the fourth book in the Awfully Beastly Business series by The Beastly Boys. This adventure stars Ulf, a young werewolf who works for the RSPCB – The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasts – an organization that helps protect mythical creatures from harm.

In this breathtaking adventure, Ulf and his friends, Dr Fielding, Tiana (a fairy) and Orson (a giant), soon discover that they will be traveling to South America in search of the elusive jungle vampire. What obstacles will they face, what terrors await within the dark jungles of the Amazon, and what bizarre secrets will they uncover. Ulf has to draw on all of his bestial powers in order to take down the dark forces that threaten the very existence of beasts themselves.

I recommend this book for all adventure lovers over the age of eight, especially those who also love a good mystery.


By Julian Lekakis

Term One Reflection

Term one has been fantastic! I have made heaps of new friends and have got to know everybody in my class. I have also learnt and enjoyed a number of activities including band, netball and so much more.

This term I enjoyed getting to know new people in my class such as Caitlin and Zoe. I am extremely proud and pleased of myself because I was elected SRC deputy for our class! I have enjoyed the wide range of new activities that Andy my art teacher has introduced to us. These have included blind drawing and manipulating photos that we had taken. Another of my favourite activities in Term 1 was the Gala sports days. I’ve especially enjoyed practicing with my friends and watching Madagascar 2 after our hard days work.

My learning has developed quite a lot this term in many different areas. I have definitely become more skilled in reciprocal teaching and have learned more about it. I have a much better understanding of the different roles and responsibilities involved. Following that I have also learned how to successfully play more complex pieces on my French horn. An example of this is the song, “A whole new world” from Disney’s Aladdin.

During sport the CEDA program has helped me further develop my netball skills. This helped me a lot and I think I have improved heaps in netball.

In this smashingly brilliant term one also learned some new leadership skills such as responsibility and initiative and was introduced to different leaders such as Marie Curie and Charles Darwin. I will continue to improve and look forward to broadening my vocabulary. The first Term of 2012 has been a blast and I look forward to continuing in Term two.

Advantages of the Internet for Children

I strongly disagree with the idea that children should not continue having access to the Internet. I believe this because the Internet is valuable for so many different reasons, including the educational and social development of children. It’s the 21st century and the Internet is being used more and more by so many people. If all children aren’t allowed to use the Internet then why invent it in the first place.

To start off with, access to the Internet allows children to communicate with friends and relatives who are overseas or with whom they are not able to communicate face to face with. For example Skype is an inexpensive way to have the personal interaction of seeing and hearing other people that are a long distance away.

It also allows children in remote areas such as the outback, to have social interaction and communication and to be part of a virtual class with Internet conferencing. This will allow children to gather ideas and opinions from each other as well as sharing their work.

Another reason why children should have access to the Internet is so that they can access up to date information from around the world. A lot of the most up to date information is not always in books as it takes months if not years for books to be written and published. Following that have you ever walked, driven or ridden to a library and found that when you get there the books you wanted are not available. The Internet fixes that with downloadable books. You can get books downloaded anywhere on the Internet as well as having a great range to choose from.

Also the Internet is a valuable tool for interactive learning. This type of learning is more fun for children and encourages them to learn more. Imagine for a moment which style of learning you would enjoy more; Answering questions on a plain sheet of paper or answering questions as part of a fun math’s game?

The final reason why I believe it is important for children to have access to the Internet is because they are developing skills for their future adult life. Now days computers are used everywhere. You rarely see a job that computers are not somehow involved with. Also these days more and more things are done online like shopping, banking and paying bills.

Therefore children need to learn how to use the Internet for everyday life but also need to learn how to use it carefully and responsibly. Children using computers at a young age and being taught the Do’s and Don’ts of Cyber Safety is the only way that children can learn these valuable skills.

In conclusion you can clearly see from my arguments that the correct and safe use of the Internet is a valuable tool that children can use to improve their learning and increase their access to information and help them communicate with friends and family.

SRC Letter

Hello everyone. For those of you who don’t know, my name is Julian and I’d like to tell you why you should vote for me to be our class representative on the SRC.

The main reason I would like to be on the SRC is because as you might not already know that I have been on the SRC before and I want to continue being involved in making improvements for everybody at school and I have the qualities and skills needed.

The main role as a class representative is to make sure that your ideas and opinions are heard.

I’m friendly and approachable and listen attentively to other people’s opinions.

I am also willing to voice my opinion and make sure I am heard. I am a fluent speaker and have represented the school before, for example at Gateways Challenges and various other things.

I am optimistic and have been involved in many school activities including Instrumental Music and several lunchtime clubs.

I am also a leader and I am willing to put in the effort to make things happen for the better of the school.

But most importantly, I am willing to do the extra work and give up lunchtimes for meetings to represent the class.

If you elect me, I promise you that I will work my hardest to be the best class representative that I can be! Thanks for listening.