CSI vs. Reality

CSI may look cool on TV with dim, blue lights and action packed scenes, but this TV series is not the kind of work that happens in real life. What you see on CSI is not very realistic and crime scenes take much longer to solve than on TV.  On CSI, the labs are always dark and dim to give a cool effect, but in reality, you need a lot of light to be able to analyse and find evidence. Forensic scientists always need to work under bright light to get out the most information. You will often see on CSI that they jump to conclusions for hair samples and say that there are matches just by looking at the sample. You can’t tell between two hair strands and say that they are exactly the same, so you need to run a thorough DNA test to find the culprit. Finally the language used in CSI is not scientifically valid, as they tend to use the word ‘match’ regularly, whilst in real life you would say ‘similar to’ or ‘might be’ for fingerprints and hair.

100 Word Challenge Week 8


Sly slithered up onto the rickety porch, admiring his construction, even if it was a complete wreck. He wondered about the owner, who in their right mind would order such a ghastly house? ‘Swishhhh’, a dark silhouette stepped out of Sly’s shadow. “How spectacular. A perfect job not a gargoyle out of place,” exclaimed the shadow. Sly whipped around. Standing in front of him was a devilishly ugly creature – wiry black hairs sparsely covering sickly white skin; spindly long spider-like fingers; and massive, bulbous eyes with huge dark pupils and a stare that seemed to pierce straight through him.

100 Word Challenge Week 7


Slowly the sky got darker. The moon moved to block out the Sun. I only had a few moments before the eclipse would be over, a few moments before I was cursed for eternity. This was meant to be a holiday – Mexico and Brazil. How could a simple one – day tour to Teotihuacan (Temple of the Sun and the Moon) end as horribly as this? The magnificent statue had caught my eye immediately. An intricately carved obsidian panther that came with a tale of an ancient curse…I wasn’t really listening to the guide…but now I know why the sign said ‘Do Not Touch’!

100 word challenge week 6


The wind rushed through my hair as I clung on for dear life. As I carefully planted my callused foot inside a narrow crevice, my blisters rubbed against the jagged wall of rock, which made them burst. My palms ached and I screamed loudly. Looking down, I was surprised to see that dark clouds had formed below me and I could no longer see the ground. Jack called down to me, “We’ve almost made it to the top.” Suddenly everything began to shake. I could smell a foul smell in the air. The sleeping volcano had woken.

Maths Mat Term 3 Sheet 8 – Question 22



Fill in the missing digits.



2        7

?        ?

+       3       6


9       5




I start on the left hand column as usual for addition. The numbers given, 7 and 6 add up to thirteen, but I know that the answer to this column must end in five as given. Therefore the missing number in the left hand column must be 2 so that the column adds up to 15. The 5 is given and I carry the 1.

I know that the right hand column must add up to 9 because it is given. The other given numbers are 1 and 3. These add up to 4, plus the 1 that I carried over equals 5. Therefore, because the total of this column needs to be 9, then the missing number is 4


2       7

4      2

+       3       6


9       5

Historical Fiction Story – Thorn Briar



The clouds grew thick and low, engulfing the meadows and pastures in an eerie, grey haze. The darkness of night swept cross the land and everything stood silent; the trees grass and flowers became paralyzed with fear as the fog expanded. Through the meadows, past the forests and up the rigid cliff lied Thorn-briar Estate – A grand manor castle around which the haze of fog grew ever more intoxicating. The Castle stood out from the landscape in a foreboding manner. It was so high that it seemed that the tallest spire could jab the bottom of the moon. The entire structure was built of impenetrable stone, which was now covered with barbed vines. Thorn-briar Estate stood intimidating over the town below. Townsfolk believed that dark horrors lurked in the shadows and spirits walked the rickety floorboards. Only the truly courageous had ventured here and none had returned.


“Nehh,” the horse cried as it came to a halt. “I think we are here old chap,” said Charles. “It’s no wonder why everybody is so frightened of this estate,” replied William as he gazed through the window of the carriage. They opened the doors and strolled up to the driver. “That will be 200 pounds,” he said in a gruff tone. “Not everyone would bring you out here to this place,” he continued. “Fine,” said Charles, as he placed a moneybag of gold coins into the drivers open hand. “Nice doing business with you and remember there is a fee to travel back to London. It’s further, so the fee will be 450 pounds.” “What,” exclaimed William, “That’s highway robbery”. “No-one else will come and get you, I can guarantee that,” said the driver. “All right, but not a penny more!” shouted William. Another bag of money fell into the driver’s dirty hands. He smiled, but his teeth were so yellow that they looked like they would fall out at any minute. “I’ll be waiting at the gate,” said the driver. The hard clang of hooves thrusting on to the ground grew fainter as the carriage faded into the mist. “What a dirty old thief,” said William, still recovering from his argument. “I agree, but no other man would bring us here. – Not even the Explorers Institute back in London.”



Both William and Charles were sharply dressed, wearing expertly crafted suits with matching top hats. Charles had a polished glass monocle. William had fine eyesight, and preferred a bow tie to Charles’ crimson cravat. “Lets head inside, no new discoveries will be made if we wait out here all day” suggested Charles. “ Jolly good idea it is freezing cold in all of this mist”, replied William. Two large wooden doors stood at the entrance of the manor. Inscribed in the doors, a horde of vile bats swarmed upon a whimpering victim. Charles gulped and hesitated for a moment, but then walked up the stone steps and flung the doors wide open. What lay ahead was a winding corridor. They slowly walked in. William struck some flint and lit a hand held candle he had broken off the wall.


This lengthy hallway was withholding some unusual features. Charles swept his candle across the wall revealing bloodstains, deep gashes and claw marks throughout the wall. “ There is definitely something lethal here, we have to keep our wits about us” Charles whispered. They continued along, eyeing the floor and walls for any clues that might be scattered around. “Charles look over here”, said William. “What have you found?” replied Charles. On the floor a large claw lay embedded in the ground. “What is this?” “I’m not sure but this is no bear that we’re dealing with”, replied Charles. They approached another door and Charles stepped up. He noticed it was identical to the entrance, except this time the inscription was a pile of bones.


Inside this next room lay a large fountain. A stone gargoyle was perched upon the fountain pedestal spewing forth red blood, bones and human flesh into the basin. William cringed at this sight and Charles covered his eyes. “Oh, that is repulsive,” cried William. “Ghastly,” screamed Charles. The reeking stench of the decomposing body parts was so foul that they almost fainted. Once they had both crossed halfway through the room the fountain blocked. Two blood-shot eyeballs knotted together by their membrane, prevented the blood from gushing out. It was only a matter of time before they came flying out like a Bolas. Charles’ legs collapsed as the eyeballs wrapped around his thighs. The blood continued to spill out of the stony throat, except at a more rapid pace. The basin began to overflow and a pool of blood quickly began to grow on the floor. William grasped his dagger and with a precise cut freed Charles. They waded through the murky redness to a door across the room.


The doorknob twisted and both adventurers fell through sprawled on top of each other, coughing and spluttering from the thick, foul odour. “Oh I don’t feel so well,” William groaned. Their uniform was now drenched and stained and their facial expressions were sullen with misery. They managed to drag themselves up. Charles stared around and searched for an exit. The room was a dead end! “I’ve had enough, this is ridiculous!” exclaimed William. “ We have to get out of here.” “ The only way out is the way we came in,” said Charles. “We have to retrace our steps.” “Alright, lets go as quickly as we can straight back the way we came without stopping,” agreed William. “Okay,” said Charles, “Are you ready?” They proceeded back through the door.


The room was silent and the gushing blood had stopped. Their initial relief however turned to panic. There was no longer a river of blood gushing from the Gargoyle’s mouth, because there was no longer a Gargoyle!  “The fountain…” William’s words were cut short. A shriek rang out through the walls. “Run!” cried Charles. As they ran they could hear piercing scratching noises coming closer. Feeling their way down the hall they came closer to the entrance. William pushed through the door without stopping and fell down the front steps collapsing onto the gravel outside; the bright sunlight blinding him momentarily as his eyes adjusted to the light. “God, that was close,” he exclaimed, but there was no answer. Staring back at the entrance he called out. “Charles, Charles!!” but still no answer. Two stone Gargoyles sat either side of the stone steps that led up to the entrance door. He had not noticed them on the way in, but was now totally mesmerized by their gaze. He was fixated on a glistening beam…a glistening beam reflecting off the polished monocle worn by one of the Gargoyles………….

Maths Mate Term 3 Sheet 7 – Question 22

Fill in the missing digits in the subtraction.

?  9

_  5  ?


2  3


Firstly I work out the equation 9 minus 3, this will leave me with our first mystery number. This number is 6. I then had to work out what number, minus 5 equals 2. The second mystery number is 7.

This is the resulting equation.

7  9

_  5  6


2  3