About Me!

Hello, my name is Julian and welcome to my Blog.

Here’s a bit of interesting information about myself that I hope you’ll enjoy.

I have an immediate family of four, including my mum Pepe my dad Con, myself and my older brother Sasha. My brother and I get driven to school everyday because we live quite a long way from school.  I am in grade 5 and I am two years younger than Sasha. I often annoy and irritate him wherever possible. This year he started high school and it will be a lot different without him at my primary school.  I am also a big fan of food!! My favourite food is sweet and sour chicken and my favourite fruit is the cumquat.

Music is very important to me. I play the french horn as my main instrument and I also can play the piano and the ukulele. I started playing music in grade 3 and now I am in my third year of learning.

I have also had a large variety of pets. These include cats, dogs, birds, lizards and fish. At the moment I have one extremely cute and playful dog named Sparky who is a blue heeler crossed with kelpie and I love her very much!

I have LOTS of interests but I have a deep passion for reading books. Currently I am reading “The Edge Chronicle” series and “The One Piece” series. I also enjoy drawing animals and making up my own creative creatures. Lately I have been focusing on different “eye” styles. As well as reading novels I also enjoy reading about the animal kingdom and history. My favourite animals are the Llama of South America and the extinct Dodo of Mauritius.

Another thing I really enjoy is travelling to different places. Last year I went to Cairns, Port Douglas, The Daintree and the Gold Coast. During the Christmas holidays I also visited the lovely town of Echuca.

The movies is another one of my favourite past times. I enjoy watching all the different genres on the BIG screen. One of my favourite movies that I have seen recently is “Hugo”.

My favourite sport is Tennis followed by Netball and Basketball. I also do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and swimming outside of school.

The start of my 2012 school year has been a great one. I have accomplished a lot of new things and will continue to meet all the challenges that lay ahead!

Thank you for visiting my Blog!!







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